Privacy Policy

Based on its corporate philosophy and code of conduct, Seventh Dimension Design, Inc. (SDD) is committed to contributing to the communities in which it does business, earning the trust and confidence of all customers, and conducting business activities that meet society's expectations.

In the course of its operations, SDD gathers personal information from its stakeholders. We recognize that this information is an important asset of stakeholders, and is a vital resource that is the wellspring of the fresh value our company creates. Accordingly, SDD has prepared the following basic policy on the protection of personal information (hereafter "Privacy Policy") and is enforcing it appropriately.

1. Basic Policy

SDD handles personal information only within the scope of use clearly indicated to customers. SDD never discloses any customer's personal information to any third party except with the explicit agreement of the customer or for a legitimate reason. SDD makes every effort to ensure that personal information is accurate and kept up to date, and to prevent any unlawful access to, leaking of, loss or damage to personal information. To this end, SDD continually improves and amends its information security framework. SDD responds sincerely and promptly to all inquiries from customers regarding their personal information, including requests for disclosure of that personal information.

The Basic Policy explains how SDD handles personal information in Japan. For the privacy policies of SDD's subsidiaries and affiliates in Japan and its overseas affiliates, please refer to the privacy policies published on those companies' respective websites.

2. Purposes for Which Personal Information is Used

Before receiving personal information from customers with respect to individual products and services, SDD clearly stipulates the purposes for which the personal information will be used. SDD uses the personal information it receives from customers within the stipulated scope only.

In the event that it becomes necessary to use a customer’s personal information outside the stipulated scope, SDD informs the customer of this necessity and obtains the customer’s consent before doing so. For personal information contracted from another company, SDD uses said personal information within the scope stipulated in its agreement with that company.

3. Provision of Personal Information

SDD does not disclose customers’ personal information to any third parties except in the following cases.
  1. SDD has obtained the customer’s consent to do so.
  2. The disclosure is required by law.
  3. The disclosure is required to protect an individual’s life, limb or assets, and conditions render it difficult to obtain the customer’s consent in a timely manner.
  4. SDD contracts a third party to handle the personal information, within the scope necessary to achieve the stipulated purposes.
  5. SDD’s operations are taken over by means of corporate merger, company split or business transfer.
Notwithstanding item a above, when a customer inquires regarding products, product repair or services, and SDD deems it appropriate for an affiliate or dealer to respond to said inquiry on SDD’s behalf, SDD may provide the customer’s name, address, telephone number and/or other contact information to said affiliate or dealer. In such cases, the customer may forbid the transfer of the personal information to said affiliate or dealer.

4. Procedure for Request of Disclosure

SDD responds to demands from customers for (1) disclosure of the personal information held by SDD, (2) notification of the purpose for which it is used, (3) correction of the personal information, (4) addition of further personal information, (5) deletion of the personal information, and (6) suspension of use of or provision to third parties of the personal information. For details on the procedure for request of disclosure, please refer to the procedures for submitting a written or other request. In the case of requests for disclosure or notification of the purposes of use, a fee is payable.

5. Inquiries Regarding Personal Information

For inquiries, complaints or consultation regarding customers’ own personal information, customers are invited to contact the dealer for the product or service for which the customer’s personal information is registered. If you are unclear who the dealer is for the product or service in question, please contact one of SDD’s other contact points. 。
For general inquiries regarding the Privacy Policy, please telephone SDD directly. To ensure correct understanding and handling of your inquiry, the telephone conversation may be recorded.

6. Revisions

To improve protection of customers’ personal information and to respond to changes in applicable laws and regulations, SDD may make revisions to the Privacy Policy.

Revised July 1, 2011

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